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Tznius: The Idea of Modesty in Judaism. Part I

Tznius: The Idea of Modesty in Judaism. Part II

Shelo Asani Isha


During the summer, Lisa Levin went out on a limb and presented “Bridging the Gap” which was an attempt to bring our entire community together. During the event, one thing that I came to realize is that we just don’t know where each other stands on many religious issues. We may believe that we understand the “other” side, but I found my side misunderstood. As a result, I would like to continue Lisa’s mission of “Bridging the Gap” but showing an orthodox person take on the “big” questions. Beginning on Dec 8th at 8pm, please join me at the Midwest Torah Center for a 5-week course exploring 5 different topics. They are as follows:

Dec 8th - Belief in G-d
Dec 15th – Prayer
Dec 29th- The Sabbath
January 5th -Jewish observance
January 12th- Sexuality

We can only really come together if we understand where the other is coming from. It does not mean that one needs to agree with the other, it only requires that we listen to each other. I’m look forward to learning with everyone. See you on Dec 8th at 8pm!

Would You Like to Sponsor a Kiddush?

After Shabbat services, the Midwest Torah Center presents a kiddush where all can come and join us in celebrating the Shabbat. It is one of the highlights of the Shabbat as our entire "family" can engage in conversation with one another while enjoying great food.
In appreciation of your joining us each week, we would like to invite you to participate in the mitzvah of ahavat Yisrael (love of one's fellow Jew) by sponsoring a Kiddush. If you have some special event or just want to share in the joy of bringing fellow Jews together over some chulent and cake, please contact us and we'll make sure it happens. See you on Shabbat!

Judaism-It's Just That Easy!

Recently someone commented, “Judaism should just be easy.” The truth is that the person is correct. But I would like to go further and argue that Judaism is and always was easy to observe and enjoyable, to boot! The Torah states, “The law is not in heaven that one should say, who will bring it to us nor is it across the ocean. Indeed, it is very close to us. It is in our heart and mouth to affirm the commandment.” Hashem is telling us that nothing is difficult, we just need to desire it. To illustrate the ease and joy of Judaism, I would like to use 3 mitzvoth, namely Shabbat, kosher, and prayer. I look forward to every Shabbat as it is my opportunity to turn off and disconnect from the world at large. I’m not being bother by a ringing telephone at the most inopportune times. I’m not checking my email every time I see my computer. I’m able to relax with my family and enjoy an uninterrupted /unrushed meal. I have an island of 25 hours of peace and quiet. Truly a blessing! Being kosher is fantastic! Just knowing that by eating kosher, I am fulfilling a mitzvah is unbelievable. More than that, it trains me to look at ingredients and see what I am eating. I learn not to “live to eat” but rather “eat to live.” And finally the mitzvah of prayer is mindboggling. Thrice daily I am instructed to speak with my Creator and remind myself of the wonderful and loving relationship that I have developed with Hashem. It is truly comforting to be able to spill my guts to Hashem and know that I will be heard. I may not always get the answer that I want, but that could be said for any real relationship. I know that Hashem is my advocate and as long as I remember that, I know that I’m never alone.
I once commented to a student that “knowing the rules is a freeing experience in that all the angst disappears. I know what I can and cannot do and that makes for a stress-free life.” Indeed, Judaism is an easy and enjoyable lifestyle. Don’t you agree?

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