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If I'm Not Happy, I'm Doing Something Wrong. Part II

“If I'm not happy, I'm doing something wrong.”

A key part of this phrase is “I'm”. It's very important that one takes responsibility for what he or she is in charge of. Too many times today, people blame others or other circumstances for their own shortcomings.

Hillel said in the Ethics of Our Fathers “If I am not for myself, who am I?” This phrase shouts out that I have to take care of myself. I can't rely upon anyone else. It is only I who can work for myself for my physical and spiritual well being. It is only I who is to blame if I am not happy. I have free choice. Sometimes my choices lead to prosperity and tranquility. Sometimes my choices lead to difficulties and travails. Yet it was myself who took me there.

If I'm Not Happy I'm Doing Something Wrong Part I

I have been signing my emails with the phrase “If I'm not happy, I'm doing something wrong.” for the last two years. I'd like to take my first three blogs and explain what I mean. First of all, what does “happy" mean.

Happiness to me is a sense of contentment. I feel satisfied that what I am doing in general is leading me in a direction which is proper. This proper path contains spiritual, personal and interpersonal expectations. This path and expectations are in consonance with who I am. I don't expect to achieve something which does not fit me and my unique characteristics but I do expect to capitalize upon my own special qualities.