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MTC History

"After we got the keys to building, I asked Rabbi Rhodes (The Founding Executive Director) what he wanted done with the building. He said he wanted a Border’s book store feel with cappuccino in the study hall. I then asked if there was a budget. He said, 'No.' I quickly replied 'I’m on it!'. And the Midwest Torah Center was born."
Rabbi Kuppel Lindow, then Administrator of MTC in an interview for the banquet video, 2010

Shortly after the aforementioned story, a budget was drawn up and we were given two years to succeed or we’d lose our funding and close down. After three months of prepping the building, our first Shabbaton was upon us on November 10th, 2006. With borrowed tables and chairs for services and just one family attending the meal, we began. Just a few months later, we had well over 150 people attend our official open house on March 11th, 2007. In short order, we were getting 50 or more people to our monthly lectures and had started regular weekday classes in Hebrew, Jewish history, Kabbalah and more. Today, we’ve doubled the size of the building, have a thriving NCSY chapter, over 30 classes a week, kosher catering, regular weekday and Shabbat services, dozens attend our Shabbatons, women’s events and classes, four hospitality rooms that are often full, and much more. Please visit our timeline page for more milestones.

What really makes us special, though, are the people. Many synagogues cater to a single type of person which makes it difficult to be home to the masses. The Torah Center has a varied crowd with Jews of many backgrounds and Jewish education. In this way, every individual’s strengths can be brought to the forefront to compliment one-another and everyone feels important and at home. We have always endeavored to create a relaxed atmosphere where every Jew is afforded the opportunity to experience the beautiful treasures of our Jewish heritage, regardless of religious background or financial status.