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Another "Get Rich Quick" Scheme??

Through my Facebook account, I've received many offers to become rich. All I have to do is sign up for a free course or free webinar and I can start on the road to riches. Who wouldn't jump at the opportunity?! Who doesn't want to have to punch a clock or worry if the boss has had a bad day? Who doesn't want to be in control of one's financial security? So I signed up and heard what they had to say. I heard 3 different extremely successful businessmen tell me of their struggles and how they can help me attain their success (no guarantees, of course.) They brought me through their programs, showing how easy it would be and emphasized how they wanted to help me avoid the problems and frustrations that they experienced while building their empire. (I must admit, all the way through, I was thinking, "How much will this cost? Come on, just get to it!) But as a good soldier, I watched until their final pitch, saw the initial investment and left the site, deflated, realizing that today was not my day to be a millionaire.
After leaving the webinars, I started to think, "With all of the money that they have amassed, why still try to sell me their product for $1-2000? They clearly don't need the money. At the same time, they're not being altruistic and just handing me the keys to the kingdom? What pushes them to sell, sell, sell?" Then it hit me. We are programmed that way.
When Hashem created man, He put him in the Garden of Eden, an idyllic place, where everything was available for the taking. While we all know of the one negative commandment, namely "not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of good & bad," we don't always think of the 2 positive commandments, namely to "work and guard" the garden. Even though Adam had everything he would need, he was still commanded to "work" the garden, whatever that means. "Work" can have many benefits, such as realizing how much we need to appreciate how things are made. When we shop in the supermarket and pick up our fruits and vegetables, unless we have had a garden, we really don't appreciate the work that goes into producing these foods. We also don't appreciate Hashem's blessings, like the proper amount of rain in the proper times. Too much or too little will have a deleterious effect on the crop. If you want to have that sense of gratitude, just talk to a farmer! Bottom line is that is that Hashem programmed us to work, so that we could appreciate His gifts.
It was through this process that I came to understand why they had to keep pushing their products. It wasn't because they need my patronage, it was because we are programmed to work. But is that all there is? If I'm programmed to work, will I never be able to stop, regardless of how much wealth I amass? The next blog will, IY"H, address the reason we should be working. Stay tuned:)

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