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Why We Work

I must admit that after listening to all of the webinars telling me how to become wealthy, I asked the obvious question. "If these people are as rich as they say that they are, why are they still working?" After all, don't we work so that we can have enough money to do whatever we want? Isn't it the dream to be able to retire and never work again? Yet, people who have become mega-millionaires still find it necessary to go to work and sell their product, whatever it is. They seem never to have enough. They seem compelled to do something.
As I said in my last post, we seem to be programmed that way. Just as Adam Harishon (the first man) was told that he should "work & guard the garden" so also, we are compelled to work. The question is why are we working? What should be our ultimate goal? Is it just to amass money or the most toys? Is it so that we can leave our family a nice inheritance?
As I listened to the webinars, I realized that every once and a while the speaker would engage the audience and ask them to write "yes" or "wow" in the dialogue box showing their approval of what was being said. After receiving the positive response, the speaker would say, "Thank you guys, that makes me feel so good." First thought was, "Wow, is he pandering to the audience." But as he kept saying it, I started to wonder if he meant it. Truth is, I think he did. I think that, regardless of all the money amassed, magazines covered upon which he was featured, he still needed our appreciation for what he had done or said. I then had an "Ah-Ha" moment. These mega-millionaires are like everyone else...they want our appreciation for what they've accomplished. They work for our adulation. But is that the reason we should work? Stay tuned for the next blog.




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