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Why We Work II

I have been looking at a particular subject, which is "Why do we work?" What did Hashem have in mind when he said to Adam Harishon, To "work & guard the garden?" Was it just busy work? Was it a way to occupy him, so that he would not sin? Or, was it to teach a deeper lessen to all of mankind?
As many have surmised, the Garden of Eden was put into place to make our lives easy. We were not to be controlled by our base instincts, rather, we were created to serve Hashem and forge a relationship with our Creator, thus the command , "to work (serve) and guard.' "Work" was never meant to be the end, rather a means to connect with Hashem. We would work by learning Torah, appreciating what Hashem gives us, thanking Hashem for all the He does for us. We were to see the world as being created for us and thus take care of the precious gift. Alas, we didn't follow the plan...the problem with freewill, and we were thrust from the garden to live in a world of illusion, where we use our 5 senses and try to understand how and why the world works. Sometimes we get it right, other times we get it wrong. The Torah was/is our guide to know how to properly operate in this world and to know what is reality, namely that Hashem is in charge of everything.
Right now we work for money, adulation, appreciation, etc. The biggest thing that we are missing though, is the realization that it all comes from Hashem. Sure, we need to put in our effort, and only I, myself, truly know if I did my best, but after that, success or failure is on Hashem. We are quick to blame Hashem for the failure, guessing that it just wasn't in the cards or we didn't really deserve it, or it is in our best interests, etc. But when it comes to winning, we take all the credit, as it states in the Torah, we will claim, "By the power of my hands,did this particular thing come to fruition." That is when we forget Hashem and who is truly in control. That is what we need to rethink and work on. That is the real job we have, that is the real concept of work, recognizing who is in control. Do you agree? Leave your comments, subscribe, like and share!

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