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Seeing The World Through The Lens of The Torah

We all know the statement from Pirkei Avot that states, “Continually learn the Torah, for everything is in the Torah” but how many people really believe it? As we go through our daily routine, do we see every event through the lens of the Torah or do we just see it through the lens of the secular society? For example, when arranging a carpool, does one think about the Torah’s perspective as to how it views carpools? Or how about the various oil spills that have occured over the years? As we look to assign responsibility for the clean up, do we ever stop to think about what the halacha has to say? Can one support Uber? As we read papers, listen to the news, listen to talk hosts, do we ever stop to think, “Is this lashon hara? Should I be listening to this potential slander? Is it really to my benefit?” Or is it just damaging my neshama (soul)?
Seeing life from the perspective of Torah is difficult today because of how we compartmentalize life. We have work lives, social lives, religious lives, etc. Our existence is contradictory at times, but because we see things as separate entities instead of seeing it as many parts of the same thing, we can normally cope with the contradictions. But just imagine what would happen if we allowed the Torah to truly permeate our entire existence. When we hear slander it would grate on us as when we hear nails on a blackboard.
Learning Torah, while obligatory, has much to teach us and if we learn it with a desire to apply it directly to our lives, not only will we remember the material better, but we will internalize what we learn. After watching many videos and reading books on how to make endless streams of money, I realized the all of the principles used were from the Torah, in the broadest sense of the term, namely both written & oral tradition. I have written and spoken about this amazing discovery. It is exciting when a document that is over 3000 years old still has relevance today. I believe that our goal should be to see the world through the lens of Torah. Do you agree? Let me hear from you.

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