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NCSY Lounge Night gets better and better because more teens keep showing up. Meet Jewish teens from around Michiana as we kick back and relax.


We did it! We finally broke out of the teens as we topped with 20 participants at this month’s NCSY Lounge night. The competition was tough at the Wii games but all walked away winners as everyone had turns and fun! We had some great conversations, answering such questions as “How old was Rivka really when she married Yitzchak?” “Is it true that Avraham really didn’t know Hashem’s name?” etc. People were even talking about computer programming… and so much more.
One of the highlights of the evening was, as it always is, is when our president, Nachman Katz addressed the “troops” and delivered his d’var Torah. This time Nachman encouraged us to always think positively about ourselves, regardless of any deficiencies we may have, and trust in our abilities to get the job done. He explained that because Moshe argued with Hashem, claiming that he was the wrong person for the job, Moshe lost the opportunity for himself and his generations to act in the role of the Kohain Gadol. If only Moshe would have trusted Hashem and not emphasized his own shortcomings, think of how much greater Moshe could have been! Our lesson is to believe in ourselves and in the abilities Hashem gave us.
Don’t forget the next time we have Lounge Night, our new Black-Light Games Room will be, IY”H, in operation!
Also, the next event is on Sunday, January 24 and we are going TUBING! You don’t want to miss this or any of the other events that we have. NCSY is catching on and there’s no telling how far we’ll get!!!!!!!!!!


NCSY is a world-recognized organization that has played a pivotal role in the lives of Jewish teens across the globe. With the vision of Harold and Enid Boxer a”h, the Orthodox Union founded NCSY in 1954 to provide Jewish teens with an opportunity to build a strong connection to their Jewish roots through inspiration and leadership skills.

NCSY is the premier organization dedicated to connect, inspire and empower Jewish teens and encourage passionate Judaism through Torah and Tradition.

NCSY Dinner with the Rabbi

On the first Thursday night of every month, come to the Midwest Torah Center and enjoy a supper on NCSY. This is your time to just come and hang out and enjoy some food as we relax to some music and chat. The next “Dinner with the Rabbi” will take place on April 2, 2009 at 6:30-7:30pm . If you would like to suggest or help plan this or any event, please call Rabbi Nebel at 234-9092.

NCSY's "Make Money & Have Fun" Program

Introducing NCSY’s reward program: -Each time you attend a NCSY event you earn 2 “NCSY Dollars.” -Bring a new friend and have him/her sign up and receive $2 more -Bring 2 new friends and have them sign up, earn $5 and the event is free for you! -Redeem your NCSY dollars for real gift certificates of equal dollar values to places like Krispy Kreme, Breadsmith, Imagine That!, Fitness USA, and lots of others! -Attend a Shabbaton and/or convention and we’ll double your unredeemed dollars and you pay only the balance! Have fun and MAKE MONEY!

NCSY Post Purim Extravaganza

NCSY POST-PURIM EXTRAVAGANZA On March 9th we celebrated Shushan Purim like never before. We had 2 wii games, Pictionary, dance revolution, karaoke competition and so much more. We were treated to a delicious feast of pizza and fries, chips, popcorn, and even ice cream! And what made this a blow out event is that over 20 people were in attendance…by far the largest turnout ever! Rabbi Klor was the guest speaker and spoke to us about the holiday of Purim. It was an interactive discussion and it held everyone’s attention. Special thanks go to Reut, Makayla, Jerome, Reuven, and Avrami. The fantastic success of this program was largely due to their hard work and willingness to meet on a weekly basis (yes, there was food there) and of course to make those calls! The next NCSY event will be on April 2nd from 6:30-7:30pm. Supper is on us!


This is an offer for every person who is young at heart. On April 12th from 10-6pm, for the mere price of $25 per person, you and your family can enjoy a day at Six Flags amusement park. NCSY has secured this fantastic price for one day only. Normally tickets range from $50 and up, but if you go with NCSY, you can take advantage of this fabulous offer. In order to take advantage though, you must prepay by April 3rd. After that, the tickets will be $30 per person. There will also be a kosher for Passover concession stand in the park! Who ever knew it would be so easy to keep Passover even outside of the home! If this is something that you’d like to do, please call NCSY at 847-677-6279.

NCSY Conclave

NCSY held its winter conclave in Lincolnshire, Illinois from Dec 25-29 and it was the best attended conclave, boasting over 300 participants. As a first time attendee, I was overwhelmed by the spirit of achdut (unity) of the Jewish people, for we had participants who wore black hats, knitted kippot, regular kippot , and no kippot. Nobody looked askance at the other, everyone accepting the other as equal. The 5 days were packed full of activities geared for both fun and education. The overall theme was Israel and what the land means to us. Questions such as:

-What would we do if Israel ceased to exist?
-What would you do if you went on vacation and found someone living in your house when you returned? (Palestinian occupation of Israeli lands)
-Since Hashem gave us Israel as a gift, how can we allow people to convince us to give it away?
-What can we do to help Israel as it is constantly under attack? (An exploration of the terrorist attacks on Israel)