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Audio Lectures

131. Why bother to repent?

What does repentance really mean?

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130. Bring back Woodstock

Accept people for who they are

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129. Ripping the veil. The unreality of reality

The world is not what it appears to be

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128. I was just following orders

Not thinking for yourself

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127. Take it wasy & chill out: Raising happy kids

Raising children is a process

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126. "Every man for himself" spirituality

Selfishness also effects our spirituality

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125. Schizophrenic Judaism

Does knowledge equal virtue?

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124. Certain situations can change your life

Are you aware of what is going on around you?

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123. How Rebbe Akiva became wealthy

Is wealth correlated to effort?

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122. Are you an apostate if you don't believe Midrash?

Are Midrashim to be taken literally?

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