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Audio Lectures

97. Release your inner power

How to harness your inner spiritual strength

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96. Kung Fu Judaism

Using ancient principles to react to difficult times

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95. Death is not the answer

Giving up hope on life doesn't solve any problems

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94. One size does not fit all

The dangers of generalization

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93. Religion: An excuse for bad behavior?

Does religion mask bad character traits?

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92. The power of sin

Are we totally aware of the influence of our actions?

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91. How does a righteous person's blessing work?

Does receiving a bracha from a tzadik work?

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90. Do you want to succeed? Watch what you say!

The power that your words have to fail or succeed in life

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89. What does G-d do all day?

The truth of the leviathan

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88. Do we really have free choice?

What decisions are based on

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