Midwest Torah Center

Empowering Jewish Identity and Continuity in the 21st Century


Rabbi Akiva Gutnicki

Youth Director

Rabbi Akiva Gutnicki joined NCSY in conjunction with the Midwest Torah Center in 2012.  Rabbi Gutnicki infuses both young and old with an excitement and interest in Judaism and its practices.  He is innovative and motivated to help others find meaning and fun in Judaism regardless of background. He has successfully helped children, attend jewish schools, camps, shabbatons, gap year programs in Israel and has created special programs to fit individual needs and interests.  Rabbi Akiva provides leadership opportunities and instills in the children confidence and enjoyment in their accomplishments. Programs include, bi-weekly social gatherings, after school learning programs, chesed activities, local and regional Shabbatonim, and family support. Rabbi Gutnicki is an accomplished speaker, storyteller and brings new and powerful tunes to our davening.